How Turbo Log Fires Works

In a turbine powered log fire, the air is forced around the chamber and out of the outlet at the top of the fire on a three-speed fan. Warm air rises to the top of the room, pushing cold air down to the bottom of the room. This is then drawn in to the fire and the cycle continues. The advantage of this unique system is that all heat stays inside the chamber and does not disappear up the chimney, making our fire one of the most heat efficient fires in the world.

The speed of burn is controlled by the air inlet, allowing you to burn fire as quickly as you wish and creating the full effect of a normal log burner. The logs can be seen burning behind the glass screen, definitely an added advantage over other log fires on the market. The heat released into the room is dust and fume free, and you will enjoy the comfort of a normal log fire in safety, without worrying about hot sparks from the fire jumping onto carpet, rugs, etc.

Another unique feature of some of our fires is that they have two outlets on the top which can be piped into other rooms without the risk of fumes and dust. This will keep the whole of your home warm whilst maximising the efficiency of our unique log burning fires.
Rofer & Rodi Chimeneas
Design by Roman Cortes